Every year thousands of High School grads take their diploma and move towards their next step in life; college. It is a time filled with excitement, nerves and endless possibilities. There are hundreds of Colleges and Universities in the state of California, all of which have quality education.

So what can Central California off the future students of America? Well for starters there are 11 community colleges. Sometimes students need an extra year before spreading their wings and moving out of state, or attending a major state school. Other times students need a year or two to save up money and decide on a career path before leaving home. Community Colleges are a great stepping stone in helping students figure out the right choice in their education.

Community Colleges are also great for those who have decided to go back to school for one reason or another and get an education in a new field. Once the student is ready to further their education and attend a four year school, Central California can once again play a role in that decision. In 2005 The University of California opened a branch in Central California with The University of California, Merced.

Along with that the California State University system has four locations in Central California including California State University, Monterey Bay that was established in 1994, California State University Bakersfield which has been running since 1970, California State University, Stanislaus which is located in Turlock and has been a well renowned institute since 1957, and lastly one of the most well-known, California State University Fresno which opened in 1911. These schools have a mixture of high academics and sports programs so athletes and students can excel in any field they choose.

For those students looking for more education after college there is a graduate school located in Monterey as well; Monterey Institute of International Studies. This graduate school offers 11 masters programs for their students. The city of Clovis offers the opportunity to attend San Joaquin College of Law, a private, non-profit law school. However, you do not have to be in the city of Clovis to study law. For example If you were in Modesto and wanted to study Modesto Family Law you would still be able to find the resources to do so. Further options include Fresno Pacific (A private University), The Naval Postgraduate School, or Defense Language Institute located in Monterey.

Whether your student is looking for a career in law enforcement, or just looking to figure out what they want to do in life Central California is a place of opportunity.

My company was in need of some software updates last month. I began asking around and was told about this software company. I had never done business with them before, but I know several people who did. Everyone I talked to said that this company was the best. They could do whatever was asked of them and they did not ask for more money than needed. Since they came so highly recommended I figured why not try them out. I called and asked when the first available date was for them and they said one of their representatives could be out the same day. They said they could even do SEO in Modesto and the surrounding areas. My initial reaction to the company was a positive one. They clearly knew what they were talking about and had the skills to back it up. The biggest surprise I noticed was how young the team was. They did not seem older than 25 and yet had so much knowledge. I was impressed. This software company had the whole package in my opinion. First they had wonderful customer service, second they were very skilled. From the moment they walked into the office they knew what the problem was and what was expected of them. In the past I have dealt with other “custom software” companies. In reality they could not do more than the geek squad at best buy. That is fine and dandy for a regular person, but for my corporate business I need experienced and skilled software writers. I now know why this company is so highly recommended and why I will be using them in the near future for more projects my company may have. This software company is in the beginning stages of their branding, but I’m sure will be expanding in the near future. This software company is one of the best in the business.

I have always had pain in my back as far back as I can remember. My spine is slightly curved where it shouldn't be. This made sports and the usual running around when I was young, a bit more difficult for me than the other kids. It didn't stop me though. I still hung right along there with everyone else.

As I got older, I started going to a Chiropractor. It has been making a bigger difference than I originally thought it would. The people at bestchiropractormodesto.com treated me as if I was their own child. From day 1 they put a long term treatment plan together with me. They have diligently worked that plan for years. Never wavering from the plan. And with only 1, 30 minute visit per week, I am proud to say that I feel nearly pain free in my back. This definitely did not happen over night. It did take a long time to get here. I just had to trust the Chiropractor that he knew what he was doing. It turns out, I believe he did.

I was very wary of this whole process when I was looking for Modesto chiropractic services years ago. And I am sure there are plenty of people out there wondering what the actual value is that they could get out of Chiropractic services. The answer is none, if you do not stick to the plan set by your health care team. Follow what they say, because there is thought and reasoning behind it. But if you follow what they lay out, I am sure you will see results like I have. And who Knows, it might not take as long for you as it did for me.


I just found a site that is one of my new favorites. Not because the site is big. And not just because the prices are great. The guy who created http://www.discountedportables.com/ knows how to do reviews correctly.

First of all, he has great opening lines to get you interested in something you didn't know you were interested in, in the first place. Then he goes on to show you the product details right away. Non of that over selling and trying to get you excited crap. That's what always gets to me. If you have a great product, first of all the product details will sell it for you. Secondly, don't keep telling me how great it is and what it could do for 20 pages. Just give me a few lines of hype and then show me the product and the price. And let me get excited for a real reason.

If you look at this example here at http://discountedportables.com/pressure-cooker/ you will notice that there is no "Bull". Just well laid out product details with great images and a very nice video review. That goes a long way to making me feel comfortable about making an online purchase. I want images. I want videos. I want to know what I'm getting and not feel like i need to cross my fingers and hope it is what  I think it is.

In this second example here at http://discountedportables.com/air-mattress/ you will see a different kind of review, but just as applicable in my eyes. In this review, the writer used his own experiences and related them in such a way that I think everyone else could understand. When you can write something well, and make someone think back to their own experience, you have just made something a need for someone.

Even if I do not want or need the product this guy is putting up, I am sure having fun reading and learning how to write good reviews.

car accidentRecently I was in a car accident. I was hit from behind while driving down a city street. I was not injured, however, my wife had some residual effects from the accident that effected more than just her. My wife and two little children were in the car with me. My son is 3 and my daughter is 6 weeks old. Everything and every one seemed fine immediately after the accident. It wasn't until later that night and the next day that my wife found that her breast milk was drying up. And within 48 hours, it was completely gone. So my daughter had to be formula feed from then on. Our baby plan was to breast feed for 1 year, since breast milk is the most healthy thing for your child. That was taken away in a moment. We didn't know what to do about it. The attorneys at www.personalinjurylawyersmodesto.com were able to help me get some clarity on what to think about.

There was more to think about than just breast milk drying up. The lack of nutrition to my child can never be accurately measured. And the long term ramifications of a car accident on small children's bodies that are just beginning to develop, is something you will not know until many years later. I don't take law suits lightly. But the right decision was to start a claim in order to put some money aside for the possibility of medical needs down the road.

The professionalism and knowledge of the Modesto injury Lawyers was a big help. They took our case on with complete concern a dedication to my children's best interests. They also made us feel better about everything by telling us that we will not pay anything unless they win. And even at that, they only asked for 15% of the winning instead of the industry standard 33%.

If you are contemplating what to do because of an injury you have accrued either by an car accident like me, or if you were injured in a work related accident, etc. then call someone about it and get some legal advice. At least you will have all the answers you need to make an informed decision. Lawyers can be a wealth of knowledge. Know what to do before you do something.

homes for sale
After the collapse of the economy, housing prices plummeted as we all know. However, something good did come out of it. With housing prices low, first time home buyers are now able to purchase homes that they once only dreamed about. I myself live in Modesto Ca, and was looking to buy a home in the Modesto Real Estate market back in 2006. The problem was a single family home that was 2300 square feet was on average ruffly $450,000. My income was good. But not that good. I needed a home around the 200K mark. But 200K got you a home only in the parts of town I did not want to live in.

How was I supposed to buy a home in Modesto Ca? The fact was, I couldn't. So I rented for years. But in 2011 the housing market had hit it's low. So I started looking around again. Now, $200,000 got you a wide variety of homes for sale in Modesto Ca. I could almost pick my neighborhood and pick my size and age of a home. I purchased a home in a brand new neighborhood that looked like it was never lived in. 4 bedroom, 3 bath house with 2350 square feet of living space for $204,000.

Right around that time, the housing market seems to have taken it's turn upwards. Real estate in Modesto Ca started increasing in value by as much as $6,000 per month. This brought a whole new benefit to first time home buyers. Some may not know this, but when you buy a home and put less than 20% down, the mortgage companies put "private mortgage insurance" (PMI) on the loan. this increases your house payment usually around $200 per month. That PMI payment does not go towards the principal value. But within 2 years of owning our home, the value had increase over that 20% mark. So home owners can refinance their homes and get that extra amount on your mortgage removed. Now if you keep making the same payments you have been use to, you can cut your loan pay off time down by approximately 8 years.

So in reality, the economy decline did at least one good thing for many young people out there. Now is still the right time to make the decision to buy a home. The once thought, "a good investment is real estate" is back. It is time to make a smart investment.